How Future of Logistics Industry is Changing Due to Technology?

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How Future of Logistics Industry is Changing Due to Technology?

We all know how the evolution of technology is changing the world of business. For instance, now we are habitual to getting things online and right at our fingertips for access. Also, thanks to the technology, today we get to have various logistics companies in Logistics industry who provide fast-paced delivery service. 

Additionally, enhanced technology has also helped in boosting productivity in the supply chain, decreasing costs, and eliminating several errors (including mistakes by humans). These improvements in technology strengthen all parts of the logistics industry including transportation management solutions, freight forwarding, shipment tracking, and supply chain management. 

So, here are some major technology progresses that are helping in changing the future of the logistics industry: 

Shipment Tracking Software 

Earlier, when customers used to book shipments, they only received an estimated delivery date and after that, they were left in the dark, unless they make a phone call to the logistics company. However, nowadays, the progression of the internet and software provides customers, access to shipping and tracking systems 24/7. And this helps in improving the user experience and also saves time and money for the company.  

Various logistics companies offer their customers good shipment tracking software, particularly made for their customers that allows them to keep the track of their shipments. In addition, it gives shipment notifications and messages, and customer accounts with information regarding the cargo carrying their package. And one can’t complain when technology is behind the work that we are able to do from the comfort of our homes. 

Enhanced GPS Accuracy

Forget about the days when you used to print out directions from the computer before leaving the house. Nowadays, almost everyone uses GPS, either built-in on their vehicles or their smartphones. Not to mention, the accuracy of this system has majorly expanded throughout the years, from helping frustrated and lost drivers to improving the supply chain. The improved and enhanced accuracy of GPS allows for growth in productivity and satisfied customers.  

Autonomous Trucks and Drones 

Just imagine a world where a computer drives you from one point to another or you receive a package or delivery from a flying unmanned aerial vehicle, today, it certainly sounds like sci-fi, but the truth is we all are heading in that direction. For instance, autonomous cars are already a reality. Companies like Embark and Uber have already made long hauls using autonomous trucks, and also Tesla is working on trucks, which will be released soon. While it isn’t completely driverless, with a driver in the passenger seat to monitor the computer, it is still a huge step in this breakthrough technology and has a lot of potentials to enhance efficiency in the delivery process. 

Social Media 

Everyone checks one or the other social media platform on a daily basis. The power of social media is improving the logistics industry and operations drastically. Also, these platforms are becoming the easy yet efficient way for companies and brands to communicate with customers, providing information, industry news, and customer responses swiftly. 

According to Hootsuite, 59% of American citizens who use social media agree that customer service by social media has made it pretty easier to get questions and complaints resolved.  

Therefore, to remain in a game and boost up efficiency, it is important for you to keep updating yourself with the latest technology. And as mentioned above, the logistics industry is getting major advantages from the latest technology, which is helping it to modify in a much better way. 


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