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Cargo Software – Domestic and International Problem Solver

Making use of cargo software specifically designed and developed for cargo companies all over the world is very much indispensable. If you are running a cargo company, no matter how small or big, then you might be aware of inherent problems in cargo related tasks. A small unnoticed flaw can create a number of problems so relying on a cargo software solution can effectively solve your problems.

Cargo Software Features

Automating Required Tasks 

In order to operate effectively, it would be necessary to automate all required tasks. If you can automate everything, then you can have the ability to focus on other tasks with confidence.

Tracking Made Simpler

One of the most important things that which can’t be overlooked is this: you will have to allow your customers to track their products and if you do, then the more customers you will attract. Let your customers track their orders / their packages right through your website with the help of the reliable BoxOn cargo software.

Updating Data

Update the data anytime you would like to provide your customers a chance to be up-to-date with everything with no hassle at all.

Automated or Manual Backup Options

Users can have the option to automate the backup process or they can opt for manual backup process too. They can take the backup option anytime they’d like.

Rating System

You can direct your energy on business core services by integrating a perfect rating system (based on tariff or based on custom rates) and modify the system at any time.

Saves Time and Money

Making use of the cargo software, you can save a lot of your time and your staff’s time. You can save a lot of money too since you won’t need to employ professionals for record maintenance.

Security Logs

The cargo software comes with the highest level of security. Administrators will have the option to assign access to anyone they want to. The access provided can fully be controlled and can be monitored through monitoring tools.

Customized Solution

Users can have the option for a customized solution. They can gain success in all their cargo related tasks by making use of tailor-made solutions that can reflect their business requirements.


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